High rise double scissor lift

High rise double scissor lift

High rise scissor lift min. height 110mm, this is a low profile lift.

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High rise double scissor lifts CLF-F3000

This lift is a great lift for the home or commercial workshop. It allows operators the central access underneath their vehicle to carry out servicing and repair work.

Step of operation:

1. Simply drive over the lift

2 .Place the rubber lifting pads underneath the sills of the vehicle.

3. Running control box to start lift. 

4. When you want to down lift, pneumatic lock release requires an air line to be connected to release the locks.



Machine type:  Low-profile Scissor Lift

Drive:        Electric-hydraulic

Max lift weight:     3000kg

Main machine Lift height: 1830mm
Platform  initial height:    115mm
Platform length:           1450mm
Platform   width:          660mm
Lifting   time   ≤50s
descent   time   ≤60s
Whole machine length:   1990 mm

Whole machine weight:    850kg

Power supply:   AC  400V或230V±5%  50Hz

Whole machine power:      2.2kw

Hydraulic   oil: 14L corresponds to wearable  

Gas pressure:   6-8kg/cm2
Working temperature:  -10-40℃  

Working   humidity:  30-95%

Noisy< 76db

Installation height above sea level≤2000M

Storage   temperature: -25℃~55℃





Details pictures

1 (2).jpg

Min. Height:110mm

2 (2).jpg

Mechanical safety lock

3 (2).jpg

Extendable platform

4 (2).jpg

Cylinder guard


Joint with self-lubrication bushing

6 (2).jpg

Imported valve


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