Repair Kit For Air Hydraulic Jacks

Repair Kit For Air Hydraulic Jacks

Air hydraulic jacks repair seal kits are necessary stock for your jacks. With it, you can keep a jack working well forever.

Product Details

This repair kit is for air hydraulic jack cylinder, include o-ring, glyd ring, anti-dust ring, etc.

For a professional distributor or user, you may need this for stock for any emergency. Following is general structure of our cylinder. If you need more details, please call us or send email to


KWALT AIR HYDRAULIC JACK KT-50T2 repair kits include following parts:

Dust   Ring ø80•ø90*6/7     

Guidance Tape   15•2.5    

Dust Ring   ø115•125*6/7    

Guidance Tape   9.7*2.5    

O-Ring d l20*5    

PTFE Spacer   ø121.3*ø130*2     

Glid Ring   ø130*8.1    

Guidance Tape   9.7*2.5    

O-Ring d   l37*4     

O-Ring d   80*5     

 PTFE Spacer ø81.3*ø90*2    

Glid Ring   ø90*6.3     

Guidance Tape   9. 7*2.5    

Jump Ring   ø90*5     

If you buy other brands air hydraulic jacks, you may also offer specification, we may help to supply right size of parts.


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