Car Transformer Lift

Car Transformer Lift

CLF-9030 is a lift used for lifting car or goods from ground to higher floor. It can be designed as your own size.

Product Details

Car transformer lift CLF-9030


This hydraulic car transformer lift is a new product developed by us. The lift is welded with section steelthus it's firm, durable and new in appearance. To assure safe use of this hydraulic hoist, it has double-chain. This hoist has such features as easy operation, safety and reliability, low noise level and strong applicability.

Importance Notice


Size usually is customized. No standard size.

Platform Size: 5500mm*3200mm

Lifting Height: 3700mm

Pit Size: 5600mm*3300mm

Pit Deep: 200mm

Pump Pressure: 18Mpa

Rise Speed: 60mm/s

Motor Power:380V/220V, 50Hz, 3.0Kw

Be designed with your requirements

Following dimension is only one of our size:


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