Vacuum Cleaner-The Use, Maintenance And Cleaning

- Apr 23, 2018 -

1. It is pivotal to clean the dust in the bin and each vacuuming attachments, and last, but least dust bag frequently and regularly and inspect if there is situation of perforation or air leakage. Use the machine until completely dry after cleaning its dust grid and bag with warm water and cleanser. In addition, check if there is situation of blocking and leaking for outlet, pipe or dust bag before operation it.  

2. Pay attention to the inspection of electric line and plug particularly, it is not allowed to operate while damaged. Roll up the power line into a bundle and place on the hook near the top cover after using it.

3. It is crucial to take down the grid and bag before absorbing water. Besides, pour away water in time and the water level should not exceed 2/3. After cleaning the water, out the waste totally and keep dry. Moreover, inspect the inlet, it is necessary to clean the sundries timely.

Attention: The suction function is only suitable for the dry and wet vacuum cleaner; the dry cleaner cannot absorb water.

 Vacuum Cleaner-The use, maintenance and cleaning

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