Vacuum Cleaner-how To Choose?

- May 02, 2018 -

1. Level of Suction

Good cleaners possess the characteristic of strong suction, the higher vacuum' degree, the stronger suction. Many manufacturers are accustomed to using power to represent suction; however, it is not correct that strong power is represented as an excellent factor, since big noise usually comes with strong power. 

2. Durability of Suction

    The suction of conventional vacuum cleaners will gradually decrease with the increase of time. In order to maintain adequate suction, it is necessary to clean the dust bag frequently. However, a good vacuum cleaner can maintain a high adsorption capacity without frequent cleaning.

3. Whether or not have secondary pollution

   Actually, vacuum cleaner can hardly achieve the effect of 100% adsorption of all kinds of dust. As a result, the expelled air will contain particles of dust and even germsHowever, a good vacuum cleaner can achieve high quality and avoid secondary pollution by adding the functions of HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and photo catalyst.

4. Easy or hard to clean

    A properly designed vacuum cleaner should be easy to clean and easy to clean.

5. Noise level

    Some vacuum cleaners make too much noise when they work, and pay attention to noise when choosing.

6. Comprehensive of dust-removal function

     Good vacuum cleaner has a comprehensive cleaning function, in addition to the common ground of brush, brush head cracks, also equipped with cleaning precious surfaces (such as a TV screen), curtain, sofa, in addition to mites purposes of brush a head, one content is multi-purpose.

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