Two-column Lifting Machine Is Widely Used In The Maintenance Of Small Car

- Feb 03, 2018 -

Double-column Lifting machine is a kind of automobile repair and maintenance unit commonly used special mechanical lifting equipment, double column lifting is the main type of lifting machine, widely used in cars and other small car maintenance and maintenance. Double-column lifting machine has symmetrical and asymmetrical two kinds. 

Symmetrical lift four arm length is roughly equal, so that the center of the car (or centroid) in the middle of the column, for pickups and vans and other types of vehicles in the day-to-day maintenance of such a symmetrical lift may be the best choice.

Double-column Lifting machine is a kind of lifting equipment widely used in the maintenance of small car and other cars, it is one of the common warranty equipment in the automobile maintenance enterprise, it has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance and simple operation, and is suitable for the automobile repair and maintenance unit, so that the repair personnel need not drill into the narrow space of the car bottom, Only with this safe and reliable lifting equipment to lift the car to a certain height, you can quickly repair the parts of the bottom of the car. With the development of car industry and the increasing popularity of cars and other small cars, the maintenance workload of vehicles will become more and more large, and the demand of this type of lifting machine will be increasing.

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