The Variety Of Vacuum Cleaner

- May 10, 2018 -

Vacuum Cleaners can be distinguished by its appearance into different types, including horizontal, vertical, bucket, hand-held, push-rod, etc.

  1. Horizontal Vacuum Cleaners are more common and fall into two types-Dust-box and Dust-bag, with the feature of easy storage.

  2. By contrast, the vertical type is suitable to clean large carpets.

  3. Portable vacuum cleaner is compact, portable and easy to use. However, the power and suction force isn’t strong enough to clean up large area. It is widely used in car, keyboard or electric appliances cleaning.

  4. Bucket type is designed for commercial use. It is used in hotels, office buildings the most due to the advantages of large capacity and strong suction.

  5. Push-rod type vacuum cleaner has gained more users in recent years, the majority is rechargeable, which is small in size and convenient to use.


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