The Structure Of Four-column Lifting Machine

- Feb 03, 2018 -

Four-column car lift is a large tonnage car or truck repair and maintenance units commonly used special mechanical lifting equipment, four-column car lift is also very suitable for four-wheel positioning, because the general four-column car lift has 14-wheel positioning gear, can be adjusted to ensure that the level.

Four-column lifting machine According to its structure is divided into oil-cylinder and down-cylinder type two. The oil cylinder of the four-column lifting machine is put on the top of the column (with Crossbeam), and the oil cylinder under the cylinder is placed under the flat plate. Oil cylinder four-column lifting machine mainly relies on four chains to pull up four corners, pull cylinder at the top, this structure is simple. The safety device is a pneumatic device. The lower cylinder four pillar lift machine mainly relies on four thick steel wire to pull up the corner, the pull oil cylinder is placed under the flat plate, through six discs will convey the force four sides. The structure is more compact and the weight is lower. Two times lift is generally electric hydraulic, and the main pump is connected together, as long as the rotation of the valve can be, take-off and landing speed, safety device for wedge-type, four wedge block linkage, pull pull lever can open the safety device, convenient and durable.

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