The Necessity Of Automobile Exhaust Drainage System

- Feb 03, 2018 -

Air pollution, known as a social nuisance. The more traffic developed countries, the more pollution from automobile exhaust emissions, has become the culprit of polluting the atmosphere, aroused public outrage. Air pollution poses a growing threat to people's health, and the 70% of these poisonous gases are derived from automobile exhaust. According to the medical research and analysis, the main chemical components of automobile exhaust are sulfur dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, lead. It can cause respiratory tract infection and asthma, reduce lung function, serious can cause emphysema.

Automobile exhaust system is to take the automobile exhaust system to the automobile exhaust pipe, to collect and filter the exhaust gas produced in the vehicle maintenance process, to reduce the exhaust particulate and odor, to protect the health of the operators and to control the pollution of the atmosphere. Exhaust gas through the exhaust pipe to the high-temperature rubber suction nozzle and then reached the aluminum Alloy Director Road and then after the exhaust fan to PVC pipe finally through the environmental protection of the cabinet (including filter cotton, activated carbon) through the exhaust fan to achieve automotive emissions. In the closed-circuit circulating water system, the waste water is sent back to the original production process or other production process, without supplement or only a small amount of clean water, with good energy saving and emission reduction effect. Waste oil centralized treatment and recycling system is the maintenance operation of the waste of the engine is not directly to the ground, the use of oil basins collected to the treatment of pool sedimentation, the part of the paint room as fuel, the remainder of the remaining part of the company to deal with quality recovery, effectively reduce site pollution, and realize waste reuse.

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