Precautions For Use Of Two-column Lifting Machine

- Feb 03, 2018 -

1. The load distribution shall be in accordance with the specified load distribution of the support arm specified in the instructions.

2. Lift the vehicle should be adjusted before the height of each pallet, so that the supporting points remain on the same level.

3. The lift skirt or beam must be placed in the center of the pallet to make the vehicle center of gravity at the support surface.

4. After the pallet is in place, it is confirmed that the supporting arm is positioned reliably before the lifting machine can be started.

5. When the car lift up to 10cm from the ground, check and confirm the safety and reliability of the car lift, lifting machine running normally, then start lifting to the required work height. No one is permitted to enter the vehicle under the lifting process.

6. Note that the power supply can not be reversed, otherwise the limit switch does not work.

7. Lubricant should be regularly added to ensure that the screw nut fully lubricated to prevent early wear.

8. Often in the mud sand, sewage environment work, should be in the screw nut vice add protective cover.

9. It is strictly prohibited to place repair tools, auto parts or other items under the arm to prevent damage to the lifting machine.

10. Do not change the lifting mechanical and electrical road, in order to avoid failure, causing danger and accidental loss.

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