Inspection Of Hydraulic Jacks Before Use

- Feb 03, 2018 -

1. It is necessary to check whether the department is normal before use.

2. The use should be strictly observed in the main parameters of the provisions, avoid ultra-high overload, or when lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the provisions, the top of the oil cylinder will be a serious oil spill.

3. If the oil quantity of the manual pump is insufficient, it is necessary to add the hydraulic oil to the pump before it can work.

4. Weight center of gravity to choose Moderate, reasonable selection of the focus of hydraulic jacks, the bottom should be flat, at the same time to take into account the soft and hard ground conditions, whether to liner tough wood, whether to place a smooth, so as to avoid bearing subsidence or tilt.

5. Hydraulic jack will lift the weight, should be in time with the support of the weight of the strong support, prohibit the use of Jack as a support.

6. If you need a few jacks at the same time lifting, in addition to the correct placement of jacks, should use a multiple-top shunt valve, and each jack load should be balanced, pay attention to maintain the speed of synchronization. Consideration must also be given to the possible subsidence of the ground due to uneven weight and to prevent the risk of tilting by lifting weights.

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