Brake Disc Lathe-Advantages For On-car Repair

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Brake Disc Lathe

1. Brake pedal jitter

The over-tolerance of beat on the edge of Brake disc can lead to pushback for Brake Cylinder and form a periodic hydraulic push back effect, it is usually occurred when a new car driving hundreds of miles or replacing a new brake after a range of miles. Meanwhile, the high temperature caused by the pulsation brake can cause the brake disc out of shape. As a result, it can aggravate Brake pedal jitter or steering wheels vibration. 


Vehicle's long storage makes the brake disc rusty. In addition, some of the chemical action of salt, resulting in the surface roughness of the brake disc and affecting the braking effect.

3.Braking deviation

Since the friction coefficient of a thick surface layer of road dust, grease, brake dust and primary rust is different from the former layer, there is a difference of friction between the two wheel brake discs. Therefore, it can cause braking deviation, accompanied by sharp noise sometimes.

Repair principle:

Great braking effect is based on the two friction surfaces of the brake disc, which are perpendicular to the axis of rotation and parallel to each other.


Advantages for on-car repair:

·         According to the above principle and the basis of actual axis of rotation, which can solve the problem of brake pedal jitter, Rusting, braking deviation and brake noise totally.

·         It can eliminate the assembly error when dismounting the brake disc.

·         There is no need to remove and install brake disc for on-car repair, it saves time and effort a lot.

·         It is convenient for workers to measure and compare the run-out tolerance before and after the brake disc. Except for saving money, it can also win customers’ praise, because it could shorten maintenance time and ensure the performance of Brake.

·         Besides, it can lengthen the lifespan for brake disc.

Brake Disc Lathe

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