Air Hydraulic Jacks Trouble Shooting

- May 30, 2018 -

Jack  does not lift

1.   Control Valve in wrong position.

2.   Low/no oil in reservoir.                   

3.   Load is above capacity of jack

4.   Delivery valve and/or bypass valve working incorrectly.                           

5.  Seals worn out or defective.          

1. Move control valve to UP position.                                 2. Fill with oil and bleed system.      

3.  Use correct equipment.     4.  Clean to remove dirt or foreign matter.   Replace oil.  

5.  Install appropriate seal kit

Jack  lifts only partially1.  Too much or not enough oil.1.  Check oil level.
Jack   lifts slowly

1.   Pump not working correctly.             

2.   Leaking seals.                      

3.   Air pressure of pump not working normally.

1.   Install appropriate seal kit.

2.   Check the pump pressure in the rated range   (0.8-1.2 Mpa).

Jack   lifts load, but doesn't hold

1.   Cylinder packing is leaking.           

2.   Valve not working correctly (suction,   delivery, release, bypass).

1.   Replace with seal kit         2.   Inspect valve. Clean and repair seat surfaces.

Jack   leaks oil

1.   Worn or damaged seals.                 

2.  Oiling too much

1.  Replace with seal kit.         

2. Oil   can't exceed 2.5L

Jack not   down

1.  Control valve in wrong position.      

2.    O-ring need to be replaced                          

1.  Move control valve to DOWN position. 

2. Replace # 5 O-ring                                               

Jack   retracts slowly

1. Cylinder damaged internally.  

2. Air pressure of pump not working normally.

1. Send jack to service center 2.   Check the pump pressure in the rated   ranged (0.8-1.2 Mpa).

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