Advantages Of Two-column Lifting Machine

- Feb 03, 2018 -

The drive system of the double column lifting machine is driven and controlled by the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic oil cylinder installed in the two column is moved up and down, pushing the link between the column and the slide table, so that the large wheel mounted on the slide table rolls along the column, and realizes the sliding table moving up and down. The main parts of the equipment are: lifting mechanism, supporting mechanism, balancing mechanism and electromagnetic iron safety lock mechanism.

Double-column car lift to lift the car in the air can save a lot of ground space, convenient ground operation. However, the two-column car lifting machine for the largest saving materials, generally removed the backplane. Because there is no backplane, so that the torque of the column needs to be offset by the ground, so the foundation requirements are high, if there is a beam on the beam offset.

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