Warranty for motorcycle lift

- Sep 11, 2018 -


The warranty period of the Motorcycle Lift shall be for a period of one year from

the date of delivery to sales agent.


Subject to the limitations set forth below,

Contractor warrants that the Motorcycle Lift will be free from defects in material and workmanship and agree to, at part, including repaired or replaced parts, in the which they are (1) due solely to be defective material and/or poor workmanship on the part of contractor and/or its sub-contractors and (2) for which a 30 day notice given to the contractor in writing or by FAX. Please confirm in writing within (30) thirty days after discovery of any defects that will be claimed.

This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

1)       Motorcycle Lift shall be properly used and operated by the company's operator solely in accordance with the specifications and operating instructions provided by contractor.

2)      This warranty shall not be constructed to cover any defects due to;

·        Normal wear and tear;

·        Bad operation and maintenance not in accordance with the operating and maintenance manuals to be provided by contractor;

·        Operation under conditions other than those listed in the specification and drawings;

·        Change in design or other modification by company without contractor's consent;

·        Movement or transfer without contractor's consent;

·        Consumable items within normal operation;

·        Any other carelessness not attributable to contractor.


Contact your sales agent for warranty coverage.


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