The use method of hydraulic jack

- Feb 03, 2018 -

Before use must check each part is normal, mainly check the piston, joints, high-pressure hoses and other places whether oil leakage.

Use should be strictly observed in the main parameters of the provisions, avoid ultra-high overload, or when the lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the provisions, the top of the hydraulic cylinder will be a serious oil spill.

Weight weight of the choice to moderate, reasonable choice of the key point of the Jack, the bottom should be flat, at the same time to take into account the soft and hard ground conditions, whether to liner tough wood, whether to put a smooth, so as to avoid bearing subsidence or tilt.

After lifting the weight of the jack, the weight should be supported firmly in time with the supporting material.

If you need a few jacks at the same time lifting, in addition to the correct placement of jacks, should also pay attention to each of the jacks load should be balanced, pay attention to maintain the speed of synchronization, to prevent the lifting of the weight caused by the tilt and risk.

When using the jack, the hydraulic cylinder is placed first, then the oil-discharge screws on the hydraulic pump are tightened and then the work can be done. To make the piston rod drop, the manual hydraulic pump handwheel in a counter-clockwise direction slightly loose, hydraulic cylinder unloading, piston rod that gradually decline. Otherwise, falling too fast will be dangerous.

The separation type Jack uses the spring reset structure, after lifting, can quickly remove, but cannot use the connection hose to pull the jack.

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