The important role of Jack in bridge construction

- Feb 03, 2018 -

Since the advent of the jack, the application of the scope gradually penetrated into all walks of life, which Jack in the construction of the bridge played a huge role.

Bridge construction in the selection of equipment requirements is very strict, and the jack just meet the needs of bridge construction. Jack's hydraulic cylinder quality is generally able to withstand the bridge's own weight, so the bridge will be selected when the Jack. And in the bridge construction needs to use the jack and the bridge synchronous lifting work, the hydraulic jack can withstand the weight of the bridge, so when the use of Jack and the bridge to upgrade synchronously when the best equipment is jack. In the bridge upgrade, if you need to work with multiple jacks is also possible, just need to use PLC control can be achieved.

When the bridge is set up for the choice of Jack is required, to consider whether the weight of the bridge can make the hydraulic cylinder of the Jack Bear. If the weight of more than thousand tons, it is necessary to redesign the relationship between the Jack and the pier. Need to set the best connection between the two structures, reduce the friction between the two, so that they can help each other, play the greatest advantage, build the most solid bridge.

It can be said that the jack is no substitute for bridge construction equipment, in fact, not only bridge construction, in power, machinery manufacturing, mining, shipbuilding and other industries, Jack has become an indispensable helper, I believe that with the performance of the continuous improvement of the application of Jack will be further expanded to bring a broader market space.

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