Precautions for using car jacks

- Feb 03, 2018 -

When the vehicle is jacked up, it must not start the engine, because the vibration of the engine or the rotation of the wheel will cause the vehicle to slide down from the jack.

Cars of all kinds of cars to ensure safety, the use of jacks generally have a fixed position, can not be used to support the jacks in the safety bar, beam and other parts.

The maintenance staff must not be able to work under the vehicle without the support, when replacing the wheel, the passengers cannot stay in the car, because their movement may cause the vehicle to slide down from the jack.

If there is no jack in the replacement of the tyre, according to the position of the removable tire, different emergency measures can be taken.

When the outer tire of the removable, the inner wheel of the car can be parked on a block or stone with the appropriate height, so that the outer tyre will be replaced. Be careful to tighten the hand brake and plug the front wheel.

Removable front tires or rear tires, with stones or bricks to the car's fore and rear axle cushion, under the tires to be demolished to dig pits, so that the tyre hanging can be replaced.

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