Packing, transport and storage of lifts

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Packing, transport and storage of lifts


Only skilled personnel who are familiar with the lift and this manual shall be allowed to carry out packing, lifting, handling, transport and unpacking operations. 

Transport and package removal

TTENTION: moving and positioning operations can be very dangerous if not performed with the utmost caution. Send bystanders away; clean, clear and delimit the installation site; check the integrity and suitability of the available means; do not touch the suspended loads and stay at a safe distance from them; move the suspended loads at not more than 20cm height from ground; carefully follow the instructions given below; in case of doubt do not persist.

Lifting and handling


When loading/unloading or transporting the equipment to the site, be sure to use suitable loading (e.g. cranes, trucks) and hoisting means. Be sure also to hoist and transport the components securely so that they cannot drop, taking into consideration the package’s size, weight and centre of gravity and it’s fragile parts.



Storage and stacking of packages

Packages must be stored in a covered place, out of direct sunlight and in low humidity, at a temperature between -10 and +40.

Stacking is not recommended: the package’s narrow base, as well as its considerable weight and size make it difficult and hazardous.

Delivery and check of packages


When the lift is delivered, check for possible damages due to transport and storage, verify that what is specified in the manufacturer’s confirmation of order is included. In case of damage in transit, the customer must immediately inform the carrier of the problem.

Packages must be opened paying attention not to cause damage to people (Keep a safe distance when opening straps) and parts of the lift (be careful the objects do not drop from the package when opening).

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