Operation of air jacks

- Jun 21, 2018 -

Operation of kwalt air jacks

The handle offers 3 different positions: pull the handle and tip as required.


1.   Connect adequate air source to the air supply inlet (Air Pressure 0.9Mpa-1.2Mpa)

2.  Turn the control valve clockwise until the pump starts.

3.  Transfer the load immediately to appropriately rated jack stands.

Only attachments and/or adapters supplied by the manufacturer shall be used. Lift only on area of the vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

NEVER use hydraulic jack as a stand alone device! ALWAYS transfer the lifted load IMMEDIATELY to a pair of appropriately rated jack stands. Use one pair of jack stands per vehicle. Rated capacity is per pair only! Do not exceed rated capacity.




Be sure all tools and personnel are clear before lowering load. Slowly open the release valve! The more you turn the handle knob counter-clockwise, the faster the load will come down. Maintain control of the rate of speed at which the load lowers at all times!


1. Raise load high enough to clear the jack stands.       

2. Remove jack stands carefully (always used in pairs).

3.  Slowly turn handle knob counter-clockwise,If the load fails to lower: 

(a). Use another jack to raise the vehicle high enough to reinstall jack stands. 

(b). Remove the malfunctioning jack and then the jack stands. 

(c). Use the functioning jack to lower the vehicle.

4.  After removing jack from under the vehicle, fully retract the jack to reduce ram exposure to rust and contamination.

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