Maintenance of vehicle lifts

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Maintenance for vehicle lifts

The several maintenance operations to be carried out are described below. A low operation cost and a long life of the machine depends from constant observation of the operations.


CAUTION: The listed intervention times are given for information and they refer to normal operating conditions. They can change according to the kind of service, environment (more or less dusty), frequency of use, etc. In case of heavier conditions, servicing must be increased. When filling up or changing the hydraulic fluid, use the same kind of oil used previously.


Periodical maintenance operations


Ø  Check the cleanness of the mobile parts

Ø  Check the safety devices as previously described.

Ø  Check hydraulic fluid levels as follows

Ø  If maximum lift height is not achieved, check limit switch position, if ok check oil level, add oil.

Ø  Fill up through the filler cap using 32-45 viscosity hydraulic oil.

Ø  Check tension of foundation bolts (dynabolts)


Ø  Check tightening of screw.

Ø  Check the hydraulic system seal and tighten the loose unions, if necessary.

Ø  Check the hydraulic hoses condition. In case they are worn, replace them by new hoses of the same kind.

Ø  Check the greasing and wear condition of pins, rollers, bushes of trolleys structure as well as arms and relevant extensions. If necessary, replace the damaged parts by original spare parts.


Ø  Empty the tank and check the condition of the hydraulic fluid. Clean the oil filter. If the a.m.operations are carried out with care, there will be an advantage for the user who will find the equipment in perfect condition each time he restarts work. 

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