KWALT Air Hydraulic Jacks-Maintenance

- Jun 05, 2018 -


  1. Important: Use only good grade hydraulic jack oil. Avoid mixing different types of fluid.

  2. Over injection will cause oil leaking.

  3. Adding/Changing Oil

    For best performance and longest life, replace the complete fluid supply at least once per year.

    Note: Dispose of hydraulic fluid in accordance with local regulations.

  4. Lubrication

    A periodic coating of light lubricating oil to pivot points, axles and hingers will help to prevent rust and assure that wheels move freely and the pump functions smoothly. To help ensure trouble free operation, an inline air dryer and oiler is recommended.

  5. Cleaning

    Periodically check the ram for signs of rust or corrosion. Clean as needed and wipe with an oily cloth.

    Note: Never use sandpaper or abrasive material on ram surfaces!

  6. Storage

    When not in use, store the jack fully lwered.


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