Installation of hydraulic Cylinder

- Feb 03, 2018 -

Unpacking: The oil cylinder is sealed with gasification antirust agent, therefore, the plug of the entrance must not be removed before assembling. If the stopper is removed, it must be immediately installed on the body and filled with oil in the cylinder.

Antirust: After the cylinder is installed on the body, if the piston is placed in the case of sticking out, it must be coated with grease in the exposed part of the piston rod.

Speed: With 0.3m/s as the end of the stroke, in order to protect the organization and safety, it is recommended that the internal installation of the buffer mechanism. In addition, when the cylinder stops, in order to protect the oil cylinder mechanism and safety, the line must also be considered to prevent a great impact. In order to increase the oil return of the cylinder, special attention should be paid to the circuit design. At low speed under the 0.5m/min, will affect the movement (especially vibration), so, low-speed operation, should negotiate.

Operation: At the beginning of operation, the air in the cylinder must be completely discharged. In the case of residual air, take full operation at low speed and eliminate air. If the residual air in the cylinder is subject to sharp pressure, then, due to the role of hydraulic oil, it is possible to burn the seal ring. In addition, if there is a negative pressure inside the cylinder, it will be possible to be abnormal due to cavitation action.

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