Daily Maintenance method of hydraulic jack

- Feb 03, 2018 -

The liquid level of the tank should always be kept in the center line of the oil mark to prevent the oil pump from emptying. When refueling, apply filter oil to remove impurities from the new oil. Regular use, every two months cleaning oil filter, half a year to clean the fuel tank, and replace the new oil.

Hydraulic jack Pump Normal operating temperature of 10 degrees Celsius-50 degrees Celsius. Oil temperature is too high, need to take cooling measures or stop pump, oil temperature is too low, need to take heating measures or low pressure operation to improve oil temperature.

Before starting the motor, it is necessary to change the reversing valve to the middle half. The point moves several times, prevents the high pressure pump to absorb the empty, the air eliminates can use.

The working pressure of the Cho of the electric pump shall not be increased arbitrarily.

High-pressure hose factory, all through the rated pressure of 1.25 times times the pressure test. As a result of the aging of the gum, users should pay attention to regular inspection, six months inspection. When the test is done to withstand the pressure, leakage, raised or blasting conditions, must be replaced. Use, should avoid discounts and sharp bends, while not away from the hose too close to prevent blasting to shake people.

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