Application prospect of hydraulic jack in boiler installation

- Feb 03, 2018 -

The hydraulic jack can play many uses in the power plant construction, including the steam machine body and the auxiliary machine installment, the boiler auxiliary machine installment and so on, now some factories also will use it in the boiler body heating surface installation.

In recent years, the thermal power generation unit gradually to large-scale, high parameter direction development, at the same time, because the craft quality request more strives for perfection, the period request is more fast and efficient, some traditional tools and the construction method already can not satisfy the present construction rhythm. The reasonable application of hydraulic jacks will increase the safety and reliability of boiler installation, improve the efficiency of boiler installation, reduce personnel input and reduce cost. At present, in some large units, hydraulic jacks have been widely used in drum installation, heating surface installation, rigid beam installation, large-scale flue gas pipe installation, etc., have good results.

It can be seen that the hydraulic jack in the field of boiler installation has a very broad prospects, with the progress of technology, the use of boiler construction methods and tools are faced with higher requirements, the use of hydraulic jacks as a construction aid tool has the advantages of safe, reliable and efficient, compared to the traditional lifting equipment undoubtedly has a greater advantage.

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