A parabolic disc used to polish an object

- Feb 03, 2018 -

Parabolic disc used to polish the object, divided into many kinds, depending on the hardness of different, you can choose according to need.

In polishing, the line of sight to focus on the edge of the parabolic disc, do not exceed the corner position to prevent the throw through the corners. When the sub-plate is cast, the corners are more and the smaller surface is larger, so the edges of the discs can be tossed to the surface.

How to change different posture according to different faces, choose which side of the disc to throw the different plane. Polishing, when the disc is carried to the body gap, you can press the Stop polishing machine, and then move the polishing machine in the opposite direction, press the Start button, action to fast, this is the gap caused by the destruction of the disc when the processing mode.The so-called danger is that the gap will cause the destruction of the parabolic disc.

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