Semi-Automatic Touch Free Car Wash Machine

Semi-Automatic Touch Free Car Wash Machine

No brush touch free wash machine is a semi-automatic one. It can keep the car body from harming.

Product Details

Semi-Automatic Touch Free Car Wash Machine


Semi-Automatic Touch Free Car Wash Machine

Technical Data: 


Overall dimensions


Assembling range


Moving range


Available size for car


Available car to wash

car/jeep/coach within   10seats

Washing time

1'30"(2 rollover)

Car wash capacity


Mains voltage


Total power


Main Features:

    1.  No-brush design has a touchless on car body directly and keep the car body from harming.

    2. Two arms can move freely and provide 360°spray on the vehicle surface.

    3.  Using less water than other spray systems.

    4. CPU electronic control panels system can be operated  and maintained easily.

    5. Four wash ways combination with high pressure water, wax and foams at any will.

    6. High cleaning efficiency with high pressure pump.

    7. The space for the machine is small. 

    8. Humanized operation panel with CPU and voice prompt during wash progress.

    9. High quality control systems, motors and pumps from Japan can keep the car wash running with                great performance in any conditions.

    10.The frequency changer on walking system can control the running speed precisely. This makes the               foam and water sprayed properly.

    11.With on-site installation and operate training for free and long time quality guarantee to whole car           wash.

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