Fully Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine

Fully Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine

Fully Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine, easier your car wash work

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Model   NO.: CLF-330                                      

Description: Fully Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine





1. High pressure clean water washing.

2. Shampoo(Foams) sprinkling and wax washing systems.

3. Five(5) brushes with foam material and lifelong warranty.

4. Three(3) blowers dry the car body completely and precisely.

5. PLC control system & humanized operate pannel.

6. Intelligent avoidance system to wash all kinds of car types.

7. Main technology and machine design from Japan.

8. Many kinds of washing ways to meet different car wash needs.

9. Hop-dip galvanized steel frame keep the whole machine antirust.

10.With one years warrany and lifelong maintenance service.

11.Technician to customer site installation and maintenance training.

Overall dimensions2510x3600x3150mm
Assembling range11000x3700x3300mm
Moving range 10000x3700mm
Available size for car5200x2100x2100mm
Available car to washcar/jeep/coach within 10seats
Washing time2'45"(1 rollover)/4'15"(2 rollover)
Car wash capacity15-20cars/hour

Mains voltage3PHASE   AC380V /50HZ
Total power15 KW
Water supplyDN25mm/Waterflow rate≥80L/min
Air pressure0.75-0.9Mpa/Airflow rate≥0.1m³/min
Water/electricity consumption72L/Car, 0.31kw/Car
Shampoo consumption7ml/Car
Water wax consumption12ml/Car



Fully Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine


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