High Performance Brake Drum Lathe

High Performance Brake Drum Lathe

High performace brake drum lathe can be both on the car or off the car to cut the brake disc or drum.It can free from chaning a brand new brake drum, a good way to help customers saving cost.

Product Details

High performance on car brake drum lathe

Model No. AM-983


Place of origin: China

Brand: AOMAI

Warranty: 1 year

Maximum brake drum thickness:500mm

Drive speed: 150r pm

Working height min/max: 0.75/1.2m

Working temperature:-30~60°C

Cutting depth per knob:0.005-0.015mm

Cutting precision ≤0.00-0.003mm

Brake disc surface roughness RA  1.5-2.0 um

Packing size total: 0.33CBM in two cartons

Plywood carton:86*48*45cm=0.18m³

Paper carton:86*48*45cm=0.144m³

Net Weight: 118kg in two cartons

Gross Weight: 128kg in two cartons

Certificate: CE

Voltage:220V 1 phase


Application: Garge workshop

Application in the market:



This machine's working principle

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